Women’s History Month Spotlight Interview: Victoria Scott (Murray Company)

This month is Women’s History month and we would like to honor all the women that not only are a part of Intuit Dome but that are the backbone of our entire community. For this spotlight, we spoke to Victoria Scott who is a first-year apprentice working for Murray Company.

Please give us some background on where you grew up and how long you have been working with Murray Company and what does the company do?

Victoria Scott: I grew up in Los Angeles where I currently reside with my parents. I graduated from Palisades Charter High School and I am a first-year apprentice. Murray Company works on design engineering in plumbing, piping, and HVAC.

How did you know you wanted to get into construction? How has working on Intuit Dome been for you?

VS: I always knew I wanted to work with my hands, building things and being outdoors, and working with tools are what made me choose this field. There is so much to learn on a daily basis and everyone has been so friendly and willing to work as a team on each task. Management has been helpful to provide opportunities to learn new things. The other team members always have advice on how to do tasks that you might not have so much experience in.

How did you become a part of this project? When did you realize you wanted to get into this career?

VS:  I started through the Hire LAX program. I was sponsored into Local 78 and I am currently a plumbing apprentice. When I was going through the Hire LAX program the instructor told us that you really have to commit to the hours of this field and be willing to work in all weather types and I realized then that I had the drive to commit to the work and the perseverance to stick to this.

What is your advice to other women looking to be a part of the construction field?

VS: I would suggest working on the physical part like the upper body strength and your core. Also, having a positive attitude and allowing others with more experience to train you and be willing to learn. Always be on time and do not be eager to be the first one to leave. Always be present for the safety of not only yourself but the entire team.

Thank you to Victoria for taking the time to speak with us and kudos to her for being one of the hard-working woman team members on this project! Congratulations and thank you to all the women that are part of our Intuit Dome team.

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