Spotlight Interview: Amber Maree (TEC Constructors and Engineers)

Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of women in all areas and across various fields, from construction and technology to sports and literature. We are honored to interview a member of our field team, Amber Maree, as she shares her journey to construct Intuit Dome.

Can you share your journey and what inspired you to pursue a career in construction?
Amber Maree: I joined the union in October of 2019. My brother is part of the labor union and I saw that he was successful in it, so I took the opportunity to move into the construction field. I was a part of the corporate world, and I did not like the political side of it. My first project was at LAX airport as a traffic controller with another company and then I joined TEC in June of 2023. I would like to get into the safety field down the line, so I always like to speak with the safety team and get to know that side of the project to help me get where I would like to be one day.

What is your role for Intuit Dome?
I am a laborer and I do traffic control. TEC was already working at Intuit Dome, so I started working on the site as my first assignment for the company.

Can you tell us about any female pioneers or role models in the construction field who have inspired you?
I have met a lot of women in construction before this project and at Intuit Dome too, but I would have to say I inspire myself. I get up to go to work every day and I try not to let being a woman alter what I do. I try to pull my own weight and never be the damsel in distress. To see other women at the site also motivates you to show up every day and create unity among ourselves, because we share similar backgrounds as wives and mothers. We try to make things happen for our families. Some of us travel far to come to work but that is what pushes us to do well and keep going.

What unique perspectives or skills do you think are important in the construction industry?
Having patience is very important. As a woman, I feel that we need to always be motivated to keep trying and not be discouraged by tasks that might be physically hard. Also, networking is huge in construction, so you need to get to know other team members. You need to ask questions and never assume to know everything because you are always learning new things. I would also recommend staying active in your unions in case work gets slow – you will hear about new work and projects.

Thank you, Amber, for allowing us to spotlight your story about the construction field and beyond. By honoring Women’s History Month, we can celebrate the achievements of women, acknowledge their struggles and challenges, and reaffirm our dedication to achieving gender equality and social justice.

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