Inglewood’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony

On December 7, 2023, the City of Inglewood hosted its Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony to a record-breaking crowd. The vibrant event took place on Market Street, drawing in around 3,500 attendees throughout the evening.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, Intuit Dome played a pivotal role by providing engaging displays of the arena. Attendees had the unique opportunity to connect with the community, grab the latest updates, and receive a copy of the quarterly newsletter. Intuit Dome’s presence at the event went beyond the typical holiday cheer, creating a platform for residents to stay informed about ongoing construction and development on the project.

The city went above and beyond to enhance the celebration by introducing a rolling rink for attendees. This addition provided a delightful and interactive experience for families, fostering a sense of community spirit as residents glided through the festivities on wheels.

Inglewood’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony of 2023 was more than just a festive gathering; it was a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering community bonds and creating memorable experiences.

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