Hispanic Heritage Spotlight Interview: Alexis Aceves

Alexis Aceves is a Senior Safety Specialist III for AECOM currently working on the Intuit Dome project.

I am Half European on my mother’s side and Half Mexican on my father’s side. My father is Aztec Indian. I come from a small family with different work backgrounds like tailors, factory workers, and business owners.

My role is one of the safety managers on site; for almost a year and a half now.

My Dad is a safety specialist and that’s where I learned about the field. I met one of the AECOM regional Directors when I was 10 years old attending safety conferences with my Dad. In 2017 I saw that same director at another event and he asked me if I would like to intern for AECOM. I interned for 4 years and was hired full-time last May.

It reminds me of how blessed I am with my roots. When I was younger I would get bullied often because to the other kids I didn’t look “Hispanic enough”. They thought I did not speak Spanish or that I should not have any Hispanic interests. I’ve been dancing Ballet Folklorico since I was three years old and now I teach at Chapala Dance Academy which recently performed at the Intuit Dome Good Neighbor Plan event this past September.

Thank you Alexis for sharing some of your culture with us!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month.

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