Empowering Dreams: Glass Slipper Foundation

The Glass Slipper Foundation, under the leadership of President Cinder Eller Kimbell, successfully organized its highly anticipated 3rd Annual prom dress and suit giveaway on April 15, 2023. The event, held at Ways Home healthcare in Inglewood, was a resounding success, providing an unforgettable experience for the seniors from Morningside High School.

Thanks to the generous donations and sponsorships from supporters of the foundation, a wide array of 400 dresses and 200 suits were made available to the youth. The foundation’s commitment to empowering these young individuals shone through as they strived to ensure every student had the opportunity to attend their prom in style.

Intuit Dome, a supporter of the Glass Slipper Foundation, played a vital role in making the event even more memorable. We sponsored alterations for the prom attire, partnering with Alan Cleaners and Alterations, a local business and neighbor located near Intuit Dome. This collaboration highlighted the strong sense of community and the dedication of these organizations to supporting the youth in their aspirations.

As part of their efforts to make the prom dress and suit giveaway a comprehensive experience, the Glass Slipper Foundation also organized a shopping trip for 35 students from Morningside High School on Monday, April 10. These students were taken to Downtown LA, where they had the opportunity to personally select their attire. Upon their return, they were greeted by a representative from the Intuit Dome Community Engagement team who handed out gift cards to cover alterations.

The 3rd Annual prom dress and suit giveaway was not just about dresses and suits; it was about instilling confidence, fostering dreams, and ensuring that no student missed out on this milestone occasion. Thanks to the unwavering support from the community and dedicated individuals like Cinder Eller Kimbell, the Glass Slipper Foundation continues to create lasting impact in the lives of the youth it serves.

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