City of Inglewood 9th Annual Turkey Giveaway

Embracing the spirit of giving, the City of Inglewood, alongside sponsor Intuit Dome and the Clippers, hosted the 9th Annual Turkey Giveaway at Hollywood Park. On Tuesday, November 21, the community united to bring joy and abundance to all during the Thanksgiving season. 

Intuit Dome and the Clippers didn’t just lend their names; they rolled up their sleeves and actively participated in making this event a success. Their sponsorship and volunteer efforts added an extra layer of warmth to an already spirited occasion. The event continued its drive-thru setup, ensuring a safe and efficient distribution of Thanksgiving essentials to the residents of Inglewood. A staggering 2,500 Inglewood residents were recipients of the generosity, each receiving not only the much-anticipated turkey but also a bounty of Thanksgiving food staples. 

As cars lined up for this festive occasion, a live DJ spun tunes to add a vibrant soundtrack to the day. The music served as the perfect accompaniment, creating an atmosphere of celebration and community togetherness. 

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, the City of Inglewood’s Annual Turkey Giveaway exemplifies the warmth and generosity that make our communities strong and vibrant. Here’s to fostering more moments of togetherness and gratitude in the days to come. 

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