A Day to Remember at the Century Heights Neighborhood Street Meeting

On Saturday, September 9 residents of Century Heights gathered on 102nd St. (between 4th and 5th Ave.) for a memorable event that truly brought the “neighbor” back to the hood. The heart of any vibrant neighborhood is its community, and what better way to celebrate it than the 15th Annual Neighborhood Street Meeting organized by the Century Heights Neighborhood Watch Association (CHNWA).

The event, lovingly referred to as the “Community Street Event,” was a day filled with camaraderie, valuable information, and special moments. One of the standout features of the event was the presence of Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Mayor James T. Butts Jr., and Councilmember Dionne Faulk as guest speakers. Their informative and engaging talks provided insights into local initiatives and plans, making residents feel more connected to the city they call home.

Safety and community well-being are paramount concerns for CHNWA. Attendees had the opportunity to review the Neighborhood Crime Report, gaining valuable insights into local safety trends. Additionally, a recap of the past year’s activities shed light on the positive impact CHNWA has had on the community.

A pleasant surprise awaited attendees at the event as Intuit Dome had set up an informational booth. Not only did they provide valuable insights into the exciting Intuit Dome project, but they also gave away free Clippers swag, including hats, shirts, and bags. A highlight of the event was a short presentation by Brigette Calderon from Intuit Dome’s community engagement team. Her insights into the project’s goals and its positive impact on the community were met with enthusiasm and appreciation.

The event received an extra dose of prestige with the presence of Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Her attendance underscored the importance of community engagement and advocacy in Century Heights.

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