Intuit Dome Making Earth Day History

Happy Earth Day!

We’re excited to share our love for nature and the planet, with our commitment to sustainability.

Intuit Dome is pursuing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for both the Intuit Dome and the Plaza buildings. Intuit Dome is targeting LEED Platinum, which is the highest level of certification. Plaza Buildings are targeting LEED Gold certification.

Making an environmentally friendly stadium begins with our sustainable project materials. The Intuit Dome will be 100% carbon-free from day one. It will be the only arena in the world built with 100% embodied carbon concrete, which actively reduces the carbon input into the neighborhood and surrounding community. Continuing with AHJTV’s Construction Waste Management plan that targets the diversion of at least 75% of the different, non-hazardous construction wastes to a recycling facility rather than to a landfill. The stadium will have over 330 electric vehicle charging stations on site. Create around 10,000 square feet of Green Roofs to reduce temperatures of the roof surface and surrounding air. Installing 1,000 EV charging units in Inglewood homes, and 20 in Inglewood parking lots for public use.

The sustainability efforts continue beyond the construction of the Intuit Dome, the LA Clippers have a multi-year partnership with Aspiration, a leading platform that helps people and businesses integrate automated sustainable impact into their daily lives. What does this mean exactly? It means that the Clippers will introduce concepts such as the first “Planet Protection Fund”, which allows fans the opportunity to offset their carbon impact whenever they purchase a Clippers ticket.

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