Build Intuit Dome Construction Career Fair comes to Inglewood

On Wednesday, June 30th the AECOM Turner NBA JV hosted its first in-person Construction Career Fair for the Intuit Dome project. In support of the local Inglewood community, at least 30% of the positions for the work on the project shall be filled by targeted local residents; Inglewood residents shall receive first priority. 

Hosted at Inglewood’s Southside Christian Church, the career fair was attended by over 150 job seekers. One lucky job seeker who was hired on the spot sat down with our team to share his experience.

You have been working with Carpenter’s Local 213 for three weeks now, walk me through your experience? 

It has been [going] well so far; I am currently going to school for free and preparing for my carpenter’s exam. I am taking an OSHA course and I am encouraged to visit and be chaperoned around the site until I am certified to walk [alone].

What is the significance of having a career fair, specifically one targeted to construction related careers? 

Exposure, many people fear construction or may feel they don’ t have the qualifications or connections to get a job on a project like this.

How has this opportunity impacted you personally? 

This will soon be a financial blessing. I was aware of the salary and wages of carpenters and that piqued my interest. I can definitely provide myself some financial comfort.

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